I'm writing this blog post, for one to test out posting, but also to announce that we'll have a nice little project ready for you guys soon to enjoy one of the classics with new features!


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  2. Hey there. I found your blog on a Monster Bash site that you made (one with uploads and stuff) . Monster Bash is my fave game of all times as well =) . It's really great, I still play it . I bought the registered version back in 1994 (I think). Anyway... in that site u uploaded a zip file where, you said, it had a cheat for "god mode" (or so I understood) . I wanted to try it, but I couldn't download it ("404 Not Found"). I'd really want to try it, could you please please please send it to me??? My e-mail address is strangelola@yahoo.com , that's mean a lot to me =).
    Thanx a lot!!! =)